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As creatives in a large city, there can be a sense of isolation when reaching out to others.  "Am I good enough? What are the proper channels?  I don't want to look like an amateur.  What is my next step?"  We've all been there, and many have experience and knowledge that can help.  At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who are seeking creative talent, but are challenged to find a good source for quality artists, designers, musicians, videographers, photographers, make up artists, dancers..... and many more I've failed to mention.

Red Bug Creatives Network is meant to be a collection of creative talent at all levels who are looking to connect, for any number of reasons, with those who can help them personally, artistically, and professionally.  The network does this in two ways.  First, with social gatherings where people can meet and seek out the kind of connections they need.  Second, by offering interested participants a membership based organization that provides educational experiences, mentoring programs, resources, and the professional camaraderie needed to achieve specific career goals in their craft.


The first level of participation is always free.  We will provide monthly meetings where we can all gather to socialize, network and relax with those most like us.  


The second level is a paid membership, through www.Patreon.com/redbugcreatives, and provides more specialized information and opportunities.  The paid membership level includes access to group resources, lists and forums, as well as early release video content.  The idea here is not to be exclusive, but to offer those with more specialized needs and commitment opportunities to spend time with others who have similar levels of expertise and interest.

So Red Bug Creatives Network has a little something for everyone.  Wherever you are in the world, and no matter how isolated you may feel, your membership can give you access to just the right people, who understand your issues and concerns, and who can celebrate your successes.   Join us today.